Product catalog

Materials and systems for construction, renovation, renewal, and preservation of buildings, facades, and walls.

Paints and coatings

Fresco exterior wall paints are made according to Italian tradition. The company has developed a collection of various products related to the design and construction industry, which have been adapted to Israeli weather conditions. In the catalog of exterior walls, you will find a diversity of products with which you can create impressive effects for the exterior of the building.

Construction and restoration materials

Construction materials and systems for construction, renovation, and renewal of facades and walls. Fresco has a variety of products and building materials such as plaster and lime mortar, smoothing compounds, paints, and coatings, adhesives for flooring, sealing systems, concrete restoration, green thermal solutions, acoustic insulation, and corrosion.

Reinforced concrete restoration and structural corrosion

Fresco offers a variety of innovative technological solutions for concrete restoration and reinforcement, as well as corrosion prevention of the constraction steel bars in public buildings, water reservoirs, bridges, and purification plants.

Preservation products

The purpose of conservation is to create a richer, more interesting, and quality environment, which also contains old layers. In the design composition of the environment, the old houses are used to create an experiential quality place, a place that gives physical expression to the local identity.

Corrosion protection systems

Special paints and protective materials for the professional market that aim to treat corrosion inhibition for iron and other metals.


Choosing a decorative concrete floor gives a result with appearance and aesthetic character.

Fresco is constantly renewing.

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