FRESCOPreservation Products

Fresco Rasante For Glueing And Chaining

A ready to use thin clay for chaining and straightening walls

Fresco Natural Coarse Maltese

A natural, raw and moist lime plaster designed to be used for green conservation and construction. Ready to use for plastering and filling

Fresco Natural Hydraulic Lime

Used as an 3.5 N.H.L natural hydraulic lime for construction plaster and clay 

Fresco Delicate Corner Maltese Skim Coat

A mineral skim coat for filling and smoothing out walls, with a grainy or delicate finish, applicable on lime plaster walls – old and new

Fresco Siloxan Preservation Paint

A coating paint for inner and outer walls, with a sandy texture and a mat finish. Excellent for preserving and reconstructing constructions