Paints And Coatings

FrescoAcryl Plus

An acrylic decorative wall paint with a smooth finish that gives the house walls a smooth, fresh look


A mineral concrete like coating in a variety of shades. Applied on existing floors, without the need for dismantling

FrescoAcryl Pro

A washable acrylic paint for interior and outer walls with an especially high concealment ability

FrescoAcryl Flex

Ab acrylic coating, highky flexible and an ability to cover capillary cracks and prevent new ones from formings

FrescoAcryl W100

An acrylic skim coat, flexible and decorative for inner and outer walls, giving full protection against the effects of the Israeli cimate

FrescoAcryl Basic

An acrylic, washable paint with a mat finish, suitable for painting interior walls and ceiling, gives an excellent high coverage

FrescoAcryl W50

An acrylic, flexible and decorative skim coat suitable for inner and outer walls, giving walls a delicate and elegant appearance

FrescoAqua Dry

A paint for walls in ‘wet rooms’, bathrooms and washing rooms that prevent mold and bacteria from forming

FrescoAcryl W300

An acrylic, flexible, skim coat, suitable for inner  and outer walls and also new plaster walls, preserved plaster walls and concrete cemet plaster walls

FrescoAcryl W200

An acrylic, flexible skim coat, givibg a major advantage in solving problems of cracking of a problematic plaster infrastructure

FrescoAcryl Refresh

A sand, water based paint giving walls a grainy / delicate, rugged and decorative texure